Nakolos successfully launches new module @ IBC 2023

This year at IBC in Amsterdam interested parties had the opportunity to experience the Nakolos solution live in action at several of our partners booths. IBC was also the perfect backdrop for the successful launch of the Nakolos 5G BC core as a new edition for the Nakolos modules portfolio. It is now available for testing alongside the two existing modules, the Nakolos middleware and the Hybrid Connect cloud system. With this launch the most widespread use cases of the 5G BC community can now be implemented with Nakolos.

Depending on the use case our partners XGen Networks LLC, 5G-Mag, Syes, MC-IF and Plisch/RF-Mondial used individual modules or the entire end-2-end solution of Nakolos to demonstrate 5G Broadcast and its applications. The new 5G BC core was used for the demos of Syes and XGen.

The Nakolos 5G BC core at the Syes booth

Johann Mika presenting the coming 5G Broadcast use cases @ 5G-Mag

Demo set-up @ 5G-Mag booth

Overview of the IBC demos

XGen Networks LLC presented together with Nakolos a live demo with the three top use-cases of 5G Broadcast: Seamless Switching, Broadcast on Demand and Emergency Warning. The end-to-end demo consisted of the Nakolos 5G BC core, a transmitter with a modulator from Bitstem and prototype phones with the Nakolos middleware on them, capable of receiving signals in the 500 MHz spectrum.

5G-Mag presented an end-2-end demo of 5G Broadcast including 5G BC core, a transmitter and CRDs for reception. The uses cases Seamless Switching and Emergency Warning were showcased with the setup.

Syes and Nakolos presented a 5G Broadcast standalone live demo with video distribution using the brand new Nakolos 5G Broadcast core and the Syes 5G Broadcast transmitter enabling a full end-2-end solution for 5G Broadcast use-cases.


At the MC-IF booth, Ateme, Bitstem, Fraunhofer, ORS and Qualcomm showcased the potential of VVC (Versatile Video Coding) in combination with 5G Broadcast and demonstrated the delivery of a video in very high quality over a 5G Broadcast live signal to prototype smartphones.


Plisch in partnership with RFMondial streamed a live 5GBC signal over a Plisch transmitter to mobile 5GBC prototype devices from RFMondial using the Nakolos middleware.

All photos © ORS group

If you are interested in testing the new 5G BC core please write to!