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5G Broadcast meets Broadband

Nakolos develops products and solutions for content providers and broadcast network operators to utilize the combination of 5G Broadcast and Broadband on Android mobile devices.

The core technology consists of a lightweight middleware which enables Android apps to benefit from the advantages from 5G Broadcast which is seamlessly integrated with the existing broadband connection, e.g. Wifi or 5G.

A cloud-based control system monitors the current load of content in specific areas and based on the previously set thresholds automatically provisons the 5G Broadcast reception.

Use Cases

Seamless Switching
Seamless switching between 5G Broadcast and broadband.

Uninterrupted content streaming anytime, anywhere.

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The seamless switching functionality of the Nakolos Middleware guarantees an uninterrupted viewing experience anytime, anywhere.

If the user leaves the broadband reception and 5G Broadcast is available in that area the Nakolos middleware will seamlessly switch the stream to 5G Broadcast without the user noticing and vice versa.
The Nakolos middleware allows content providers an easy integration of 5G Broadcast into their OTT app without a high implementation effort.

Broadcast on Demand
Reduction of content delivery costs by using 5G Broadcast.

5G Broadcast provisioning based on consumption reports and thresholds.

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Based on consumption reports delivered by the middleware to the Nakolos backend, content providers can reduce their content delivery costs by using free 5G Broadcast capacities of Broadcast Network Operators on demand. The content provider easily can setup a threshold when its more cost efficient to use 5G Broadcast than streaming via CDN.
For example Nakolos monitors the content demand in a specific area, if the threshold is reached it enables 5G Broadcast in that area. Most of the users will automatically switch from CDN to 5G Broadcast reception (using the Nakolos seamless switching functionality).

Low Latency for live events
Seamless switching with low latency for your live event.

Latencies even below one second enable an immersive experience for your audience.

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With the support of low latency for live events the Nakolos middleware provides an elegant solution to enable high resolution low latency streams within a crowded audience e.g., during a Formula 1 race, soccer or at concerts and festivals.
With the use of a local Nakolos 5G Broadcast distribution setup, the live stream experience of the consumers will be improved with latency below one second.


Dynamic Provisioning

Based on the available data, Nakolos can decide whether and which services should be dynamically provisioned.

Easy Integration

Nakolos consists of a lightweight, single-line integrable software solution for your mobile app and a cloud-based backend.

Switching Logic

Nakolos is able to switch seamlessly between 5G BC and CDN when exiting/entering a 5G BC environment or by instruction from the controller.

Streaming Protocols

Nakolos supports the latest streaming protocols such as HLS, DASH, CMAF and more.

Getting started

Test environment

  • The test environment enables pre-commercial proof-of-concepts of the Nakolos middleware without the need to integrate it into existing Android apps. With its easy to install and compact setup it is possible to try use cases such as seamless switching and Broadcast on demand.
  • You can test Nakolos by building a standalone, local setup or by using your existing 5G Broadcast infrastructure.

Productive environment

  • For use in the productive environment, Nakolos offers a library that can be easily integrated into your existing Android app.
  • The library handles the reception of 5G Broadcast as well as the seamless integration of 5G Broadcast and broadband.
  • If you are interested, please ask the Nakolos team for the pricing model and more information.


Use CaseDescriptionTest environmentProductive environment
5G Broadcast reception onlyReceive only mode for 5G Broadcast on your mobile. Nakolos works with any network deploying 5G Broadcast (as defined by the 3GPP family of standards as LTE-based 5G Terrestrial Broadcast).Q1/2023
Seamless switchingSeamless switching between 5G BC and CDN when exiting/entering a 5G BC environment or by instruction from the controller.Q2/2023
Broadcast on demandBased on the available data, Nakolos can decide whether any services and which should be dynamically provisioned.Q2/2023
Low latency for live eventsSeamless switching at live events with latencies below two seconds.Q1/2023Q2/2023

FeaturesDescriptionTest environmentProductive environment
Live dashboardThe live dashboard shows the number of phones consuming content via broadband or 5G Broadcast for each region. It also indicates the threshold when 5G Broadcast will be enabled in case Broadcast-on-Demand is used.Q2/2023
9/5 MailsupportThe Nakolos team offers 9 to 5 mail support from Monday to Friday, with responses within 48 hours.
Extended supportPaying customers benefit from extended support including 24/7 NOC monitoring with dedicated SLAs for your use case.
Easy testingNakolos offers a standalone version for easy tests and PoC without the need of an integration into your existing OTT app
Easy integrationNakolos consists of a lightweight, single-line integrable software solution for your mobile app and a cloud-based backend.
HLS protocolSupport of the streaming protocol HLS (HTTP Live Streaming).Q1/2023
Dash protocolSupport of the streaming protocol DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP).Q1/2023Q2/2023
CMAF protocolSupport of CMAF/fMP4 streams (Common Media Application Format with fragmented MP4 streams).Q2/2023Q3/2023


  • Nakolos presents first market-ready hybrid content distribution solutions based on 5G Broadcast @MWC 2023

    Nakolos presents first market-ready hybrid content distribution solutions based on 5G Broadcast @MWC 2023

    Following the succesful launch of the Nakolos project at IBC 2022 in Amsterdam, the Nakolos team presented their further developed solutions combining 5G Broadcast and Broadband on mobile devices at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona. Demos of “seamless switching”, “broadcast-on-demand” and “low latency” via 5G Broadcast on 5G Broadcast-enabled prototype smartphones were shown to industry insiders and interested visitors who were able to try and test the innovative applications live on-site. Among the visitors was the Austrian State Secretary for digitalisation, Florian Tursky. “I am very pleased that the innovative technology 5G Broadcast is being co-developed with Austrian…

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  • Nakolos at MWC 2023 – where 5G Broadcast meets Broadband

    Nakolos at MWC 2023 – where 5G Broadcast meets Broadband

    “5G Broadcast meets Broadband” is an initiative of ORS group and Nakolos targeting hybrid media distribution applications to enhance the 5G Broadcast ecosystem and support future commercial 5GBC deployments. In combination with broadband, 5G Broadcast enables innovation in the UHF band to 2040 and beyond by enabling new use cases that specialize in joint distribution over both distribution channels. Live-Nakolos-Demo @ MWC 2023 To demonstrate the feasibility of combining 5G broadcast and broadband, ORS Group together with Bitstem GmbH has launched the joint project “Nakolos”, which develops products and solutions to enable seamless switching between Internet streaming and 5G broadcast…

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About Nakolos

Nakolos is a joint-project initiated by Austrian Broadcasting Services (ORScomm) and Bitstem GmbH. ORS, the service provider for analogue and digital broadcasting in Austria, and Bitstem have been actively involved in the global 5G & Media initiative, the 5G Media Action Group, since 2019 and through that have contributed as well as gained a lot of knowledge in the 5G Broadcast field.

Contact Us

If you have questions about Nakolos contact:

Johann Mika

Project Lead ORS

Klaus Kühnhammer

Project Lead Bitstem

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