Exploring 5GBC-based hybrid content distribution: Seamless Switching and Broadcast-on-Demand explained

Staying ahead of the curve in today’s content-driven world requires innovative solutions for broadcasters and content creators, eager to captivate their audiences, alike. Enter Nakolos, a novel solution that is redefining the boundaries of traditional broadcasting. In the video below, we delve into two exciting use cases offered by Nakolos, shedding light on how the emergence of 5G Broadcast is reshaping the way we distribute content to mobile phones.

How to: Seamless Switching and Broadcast-on-Demand

In case many users request the same content from a CDN at the same time for example during a live event, the channel is automatically set up and transmitted via 5G Broadcast (Broadcast-on-Demand). The Nakolos solution is easily integrable into existing broadcasting apps and enables seamless switching between 5G Broadcast and broadband by synchronizing the CDN and DTT reception on the device – without the user noticing. This mechanism allows the broadcaster to offload CDN traffic and therefore their CDN costs. 

Nakolos Test Environment

Currently the Nakolos solution is being tested by broadcasters on 3 different continents, stay tuned for more information! If you want to be part of the future of traditional broadcasting you can sign up for a free trial of the test environment or contact us at office@nakolos.com.