Use Cases

5G Broadcast Standalone

On-premise offline deployment, independent from internet connectivity, anytime 24×7.

The 5G Broadcast standalone solution offers traditional broadcasters the possibility for simulcast scenarios, e.g. ATSC and DVB network providers can run 24×7 5G Broadcast standalone channels to reach their customers on mobile devices and at-home.

The Nakolos end-2-end solution with 5G Broadcast Core for clever channel and area management and middleware for easy app integration on mobiles offers traditional 24×7 operation.

Seamless Switching

Seamless switching between
5G Broadcast and broadband.

The seamless switching functionality of the Nakolos Middleware guarantees an uninterrupted viewing experience anytime, anywhere.

If the user leaves the broadband reception and 5G Broadcast is available in that area the Nakolos middleware will seamlessly switch the stream to 5G Broadcast without the user noticing and vice versa.

The Nakolos middleware allows content providers an easy integration of 5G Broadcast into their OTT app without a high implementation effort.

Broadcast on Demand

Reduction of content delivery costs
by using 5G Broadcast.

Based on consumption reports delivered by the middleware to the Nakolos backend, content providers can reduce their content delivery costs by using free 5G Broadcast capacities of Broadcast Network Operators on demand. The content provider easily can setup a threshold when its more cost efficient to use 5G Broadcast than streaming via CDN.

For example Nakolos monitors the content demand in a specific area, if the threshold is reached it enables 5G Broadcast in that area. Most of the users will automatically switch from CDN to 5G Broadcast reception (using the Nakolos seamless switching functionality).

Low-latency for live events

Latencies below one second enable
an immersive experience for your audience.

With the support of low latency for live events the Nakolos middleware provides an elegant solution to enable high resolution low latency streams within a crowded audience e.g., during a Formula 1 race, soccer or at concerts and festivals.

With the use of a local Nakolos 5G Broadcast distribution setup, the live stream experience of the consumers will be improved with latency below one second.

Emergency Warning

Emergency messages directly to handheld devices when the cellular network is damaged.

By using the Nakolos 5G Broadcast core public authorities can use the same interface as they use today for mobile network operators to send emergency messages directly to handheld devices.

In case one or more cellular networks are not operational due to natural or man-made disaster emergency messages can be sent via 5G Broadcast.