Experience the Nakolos solution
live in action @ IBC 2023!

15th -19th September
RAI, Amsterdam

This year at IBC in Amsterdam we have a special setup for interested parties to experience the Nakolos solution live in action. Depending on the use case our partners use individual modules or the entire end-2-end solution of Nakolos to demonstrate 5G Broadcast and its applications – live at IBC.

XGen Networks LLC

Hall 1.D90

Broadcast on Demand
Seamless Switching
Emergency Warning

5G Broadcast live demo with devices receiving 5G BC in the 500 MHz spectrum for the first time

XGen Networks LLC presents together with Nakolos a live demo with the three top use-cases of 5G Broadcast:

Seamless switching between 5G Broadcast and broadband for uninterrupted content streaming, anytime, anywhere.

Broadcast on Demand for a reduction of content delivery costs by using 5G Broadcast with 5G broadcast provisioning based on consumption reports and thresholds.

Emergency Warning: sending an emergency message directly to handsets when the cellular network is damaged due to disaster.

The end-to-end demo consists of the Nakolos 5G Broadcast core, a transmitter solution with a modulator from Bitstem, and handsets with the Nakolos Middleware. The handsets are capable to receive the signals in the 500 MHz spectrum showing a next improvement for smartphone prototype devices for 5G Broadcast.


Hall 10.D21

Seamless Switching
Emergency Warning

Bringing 5G Broadcast to life with the 5G-MAG Reference Tools

5G-MAG presents the evolution of the 5G Broadcast Reference Tools from computers to mobiles (commercial research devices, CRDs) with the goal of enabling Android as development plattform to the 5G-MAG Reference Tools community. This demonstrator presents the 5G-MAG Reference Tools for 5G Broadcast running on commercial research devices (CRDs). Key features under development include:

End-2-end demo of 5G Broadcast including 5G Broadcast core, transmitter and CRDs for reception.

Seamless switching between 5G Broadcast and broadband: uninterrupted video experience if the distribution path changes from 5G Broadcast to broadband (Wi-Fi) and vice-versa

Integration of broadband and 5G Broadcast functionalities in Android devices and applications

Demonstration of emergency warning sent from 5G Broadcast transmitter to CRDs.

This demo is supported by a 5G Broadcast Core from Nakolos and 5G Broadcast modulator from Bitstem.


Hall 8.F46

5G Broadcast Standalone

5G Broadcast live demo

Syes and Nakolos present a 5G Broadcast live demo with video distribution using the brand new Nakolos 5G Broadcast core and the Syes 5G Broadcast transmitter enabling a full end-2-end solution for 5G Broadcast use-cases.


Hall 8.B45

5G Broadcast Standalone

Live Versatile Video Coding (VVC) services over 5G Broadcast

Video encoding with VVC represents a promising application for 5G Broadcast to make the best use of the available bandwidth and to be able to transmit videos in very high quality. In the demo at the MC-IF Booth (8.B45), Ateme, Bitstem, Fraunhofer, ORS and Qualcomm will show for the first time the potential of VVC in combination with 5G Broadcast and demonstrate the delivery of a live VVC service over a 5G Broadcast live signal to handsets.


Hall 8.C61

5G Broadcast Standalone

5G Broadcast live demo

Plisch in partnership with RFMondial showcases a live 5G Broadcast demo. The signal will be streamed over Plisch transmitters to mobile 5GBC prototype devices from RFMondial using the Nakolos middleware application.

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